Biden finally reverses trend; Trump continues hot streak with another new high; Harris continues to drop and reaches another low; DeSantis and Buttigieg remain hot

Joe Biden finally ended his slide with a slight improvement from 5.49X to 5.38X. This us still his second lowest since July.

Donald Trump improved once again, although his improvement was lower than Biden’s. His odds reached a new high at 4.06X from 4.08X.

Kamala Harris continued to drop as her odds moved from 7.12X to 7.16X another new low.

The hot names remained DeSantis and Buttigieg. DeSantis improved from 10.7X to 10.3X, a new high, and he remained in 4th place. Pete Buttigieg improved from 25.4X to 24.1X, also a new high. He remains in 7th.

Here’s the top 50:

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