Trump continues to expand lead over Biden and Harris; DeSantis remains hot for Republicans while Buttigieg keeps improving for the Democrats

Trump continued to improve, this time from 4.36X to 4.08X, another new high. He has been on an upswing since the middle of September when he was at 5.63X, and behind Biden.

Biden continued to drop, this time from 4.87X to 5.49X. This is his lowest since June. He was at 4.66X and tied with Trump in mid November and has been dropping since.

Kamala Harris also continued to drop reaching her lowest of this cycle at 7.12X. Like Biden, she was ahead of drop in mid September at 5.52X.

The biggest mover for the Republicans in that second tier continues to be Ron DeSantis. He rose once again from 12.4X to 10.7X. This is a new all time high for him. He remains in 4th place.

For the Democrats, Pete Buttigieg has been hot, improving to 25.4X, a new high for him. He remains in 7th place overall. There’s talk of him getting the “good assignments” from Biden while Harris gets stuck with the less attractive ones.

Here are the top 50:

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