Links to 2016 Presidential Election Stories

2016 Presidential Campaign Kicks Off With Two Grown Men Fighting Over Cuba HP

O’Malley will probably put off announcement on presidential bid until spring Washington Post

The Insiders: Jeb Bush’s smart announcement Washington Post

The Many Faces of Jeb – NY Times OP-ED

Hillary Clinton: Why Wait to Announce 2016 Bid? WSJ

Hillary Clinton is the preferred candidate of millionaires? That’s doubtful. WP

Ted Cruz’s moves on spending bill roil Republicans WT

G.O.P. Hopefuls Honing Attacks Against Hillary Clinton NY Times

MoveOn.Org ready to kick-off $1 million campaign to draft Warren in 2016 CNN

Hillary Clinton decided to postpone her presidential announcement. She might want to reconsider. WP

Jeb Bush’s financial activity raises doubts about presidential run CNN

Who’s most likely to end up as Republicans’ nominee in 2016 presidential race Washington Post

Torture report splits 2016 Democrats CNN

Did Someone Say ‘2016’? Presidential Contenders Circle NY Times

Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton increasingly walking away from Obama Washington Times

GOP Governors Readying Themselves for 2016 Daily Political

Polls, hires going Rand Paul’s way as 2016 talk fires up Star-Telegram

George Will: 2016 election could restore balance The Columbian

How to run for president from the Senate CNN

‘Keys’ show path to prospects for 2016 presidential race Aberdeen News

A 2016 ballot without Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush? Kansas City Star

Mike Huckabee Defies Assumptions About GOP 2016 Field WSJ

Sizing up a Clinton-Romney race

How 11 GOP Presidential Hopefuls Differ

Sen. Marco Rubio ‘Not Quite Ready’ to be President, Says Fellow GOP Senator

Does Gov. Chris Christie have a softer edge?

Low standing in early 2016 presidential polls ‘doesn’t terribly worry’ O’Malley

Ted Cruz advised to sit out 2016, build his base

Boehner: Bush has real shot in 2016 election

Mitt Romney Says ‘We’ll See What Happens’ About Making Another Run

Hillary Clinton becomes a grandmother. Now will she announce for 2016?


2016 Watch: Bobby Jindal spends the day in Iowa

Is vice presidential bid in Pence’s future?

Huckabee tells frustrated evangelicals to ‘show up’ and vote: ‘We will fire people’

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Draws GOP Presidential Attention

3 Possible Presidential Candidates in New Hampshire on Friday


Ted Cruz and Rand Paul Make Appeals to Social Conservatives

Rand Paul: ‘What America really needs is a revival’

The 2016 GOP field is short on women Carly Fiorina is trying to change that

Unrepentant Ted Cruz Calls Democrats the ‘Radical Party’

Black conservatives eye Ben Carson for 2016 White House run

Bill and Hillary Still a Study in Clinton Contrasts

Republicans pick approach to attack Hillary Clinton

Ben Carson on 2016: ‘Likelihood is strong’

Chris Christie builds profile as he eyes 2016 presidential run

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Draws GOP Presidential Attention

Hinting at 2016, Hillary Clinton focuses on humanizing her image

2016 Dark Horse Martin O’Malley Is Boosting Iowa Democrats (and Himself)

Why Rand Paul is opening an office in Northern California

Hillary Clinton’s fall to-do list

MSNBC host Chris Hayes: America deserves Bush-Clinton election in 2016

Jeb Bush more focused on business ventures than 2016 presidential bid

Rand Paul sharpens 2016 pitch

We are nowhere near Peak Biden

At TribFest, Cruz Talks Possible 2016 Run, Partisan Gridlock

Attention, GOP 2016 hopefuls: Chris Christie is poised to reclaim frontrunner status

You betcha: Sarah Palin returns to Washington in the name of traditional values

Rick Perry hints at 2016: ‘I know to be prepared this time’

Hillary Clinton’s Decision Time

Is Kasich eyeing 2016 presidential contest?

In Case You Missed It, the First Foreign Policy Debate of 2016 Just Happened

Why Hillary Clinton won’t say she’s running in 2016

Why Hillary Can’t Count on Progressives in 2016

Bobby Jindal Sets Up 2016 Presidential Bid

Trio of Republican 2016 hopefuls stake out positions with Syria vote

With Eye on 2016, Christie Resists Climate Change Plan

As 2016 nears, it’s Florida, Florida, Florida again

Here’s Why Benghazi Hearings Could Have A Major Effect On The 2016 Presidential Election

Hispanics don’t see Florida favorite sons Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio winning in 2016

How The November Elections Will Impact The 2016 Presidential Race (Video)

Why Hillary hates Iowa (Opinion)

 Shifting his views, Rand Paul seeks broader appeal — but may risk his outsider image

Bernie Sanders calls for ‘political revolution’ in Iowa

How the political press may be doing Hillary Clinton a favor

Sen. Rand Paul on ISIS and 2016 presidential race (Video Interview)

Hillary Clinton returns to Iowa; so is this a fresh start or deja vu?

For Hillary Clinton, Waiting to Announce 2016 Run Has Merits

Rubio Taking Tougher Stance On Immigration As He Eyes 2016 Presidential Run

Three Democrats Who Could Challenge Hillary Clinton in 2016

Christie and Romney spark rumors of 2016 run at birthday fundraiser

For Hillary Clinton in Iowa, 6 years makes a huge difference

Populist Could Derail Clinton Train

2016 hopefuls weigh in on Obama’s strategy against Islamic State

The GOP’s 2016 Outlook: Mutually Assured Destruction

Want to be president? Talk to this guy

GOP Hopefuls, Light on Experience, Try to Build Foreign Credentials

Carson: PAC Will Lay Groundwork for Presidential Run

GOP Sen. Portman will ‘look at’ a potential 2016 presidential run

Kentucky Senator Paul, possible 2016 presidential candidate, in New Hampshire for GOP events

Ex-President Clinton’s presence seen as a plus for Hillary 2016 bid

Romney on 2016: ‘I’m Not Planning on Running’

Cruz suggests he’s now more open to presidential bid

Rubio: Other Republicans are playing catch-up on foreign policy

Rubio, Cruz eye 2016 presidential race

Party choice is key issue as Sen. Sanders mulls 2016 run

Romney Foreign Policy Team Is Schooling 2016’s Republicans

Romney vs. Clinton in 2016? Mitt says he’s a better choice than Hillary

Will Rob Portman run for the GOP presidential nomination?

Hillary Clinton Says She Will Decide on Presidential Run in Early 2015

Christie’s Trip looks like a Campaign for President

Rubio: Obama doesn’t need Congress’ approval to strike Islamic State in Syria

Hillary Clinton’s vacation is definitely over

ISIS National Security: Hillary Clinton, Rick Perry, Rand Paul, Other Likely 2016 Presidential Candidates Slam Militants

Huntsman: 2016 Presidential Bid a ‘Strong No’

Jeb Bush Sends Signals About 2016 Presidential Run

Potential 2016 GOPers lack foreign policy experience

Here Are The 55 People That Pollsters Have Included In 2016 Polls (So Far)

Possible 2016 Presidential Contenders Already Flocking to NH

The Ghosts of Ron Paul Haunt His Son

No benefit seen for Perry, Cruz in pre-election clashes

The Wash. Post’s Resident Scott Walker Cheerleader

2016 in SC: Ted Cruz speaking at state GOP lunch

4 reasons why Rick Perry’s exercise of power got him in trouble

Glenn Beck: ‘Hillary Clinton will be the next president’

How the 2016 GOP Presidential Wannabes Spent the Summer

Move On 2014, Welcome 2016: Presidential Hopefuls Have Already Crossed Unofficial Starting Line

Christie to Mexico on Trade Mission, 2016 Politics

Ted Cruz 2016?

Romney 2016? Nooooo! (Editorial)

Christie Studies Foreign Affairs for a 2016 Test

Why Rick Perry deleted a disparaging tweet

Will Elizabeth Warren And Hillary Clinton Go Head-To-Head in 2016?

Clintons keep up with their Arkansas network

O’Hillary: The Ready for Hillary superpac journeys to Ireland, raises $50,000

Bobby Jindal says won’t make his presidential campaign decision until 2015

DeLay declines to pick between Perry, Cruz

2016 presidential hopefuls jockey for position as midterm elections loom

Perry, Paul and Carson take 2016 star turns at AFP conference

Ted Cruz denies GOP plans for government shutdown

Embracing Mitt: Romney’s Summer Comeback, in Photos

Joe Biden is heading to New Hampshire

Paul Ryan Defends Poverty Plan and ‘Accountability’

Rallying Conservatives (video highlights of AFP conference including Perry, Cruz, Mike Pence, Ben Carson)

Tech companies to play big role in 2016 Clinton campaign (by former SF Mayor Willie Brown)

Ted Cruz plays up 2016 talk to Texas audience

Portman Fills the Gap in the GOP Presidential Field

Rand Paul: If ‘Hillary Clinton worked for Bill Clinton, she’d probably have been fired’

Will Benghazi probe peak at height of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign?

Possible 2016 Presidential Contender Returning to NH (O’Malley)

DeMint: Ted Cruz hotter 2016 commodity than Rick Perry

Hillary Clinton breaks silence on Ferguson

Unions agree to agree on their 2016 presidential candidate

Ted Cruz 2016? Texas Senator Hires Consultants With National Campaign Experience For Possible Presidential Run

Rob Portman exploring 2016 presidential run

Potential 2016 Presidential Candiate Marco Rubio Wants to Beef Up Border Security With More Cameras, Tracking and Patrol Agents

Editorial: Rick Perry is the Miley Cyrus of the Republican Party

Sen. Bernie Sanders continues his unorthodox 2016 campaign

Is the Stage Set for 2016 Debate Heavy on Foreign Policy?

Rubio’s New Tone on Immigration Loud and Clear

Summer of GOP flip-flops: Jindal, Paul, Rubio change course on key issues

Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton ‘eager to shoot first in Syria’

Bobby Jindal’s campaign to be 2016’s wonk

Rick Perry was winning the PR war. Then he went and did this.

Why Bobby Jindal needed to sue the Obama administration

Mitt Romney: No 2016 presidential bid, but “circumstances can change”

The 9 ways Mitt Romney has told us he won’t run for president — translated into three-word Mitt poems

In South Carolina, Rubio heals wounds on the right

Everybody’s Running (Rob Portman Edition)

Sen. Bernie Sanders hits the road, teases 2016 presidential bid

Pro-Clinton Group Touts Her Record on Women

Joe Biden’s secret fundraisers

Is Rand Paul’s wife ready for his possible 2016 White House bid?

Will the 2016 presidential debates include more than two candidates?

Meet Rick Perry: The fashion-forward governor who really digs nice weather

Clinton ignores questions on Ferguson

Will Mitt Romney run for president in 2016?

Warren draft group continues ‘full steam ahead,’ despite senator’s complaint

Ben Carson wins Polk County GOP presidential straw poll

The Christie-Giuliani Connections

Rand Paul says he scares Democrats. Should he?

South Carolina back in 2016 spotlight

Flirting with 2016 presidential bid, Rick Perry heads to South Carolina

Democrats Adopt 2016 Presidential Primary Calendar

What Potential 2016 GOP Candidates Are Saying About ISIS

GOP megadonor: I’m betting on Chris Christie for 2016 prez run

Rick Perry’s Super PAC is selling shirts with his mugshot on it

Rick Perry finds New Hampshire friendlier territory in his first appearance since 2012

Sen. Elizabeth Warren disavows PAC urging her to run for president in 2016

Hillary Clinton 2016: Current ‘Inevitability” Talk Similar to 2008 Campaign

Romney and Ryan talk Hillary Clinton, and 2016: ‘She’s beatable’

Potential 2016 Presidential Candidates Cautious On Ferguson

Texas Gov. Perry heads to New Hampshire eyeing 2016 prospects

With an eye on 2016, Rand Paul takes his campaign-in-waiting to the operating room

Both Fox and MSNBC Found This Letterman 2016 Ad Equally Funny

It’s time to stop calling Rand Paul a tea partier

Obama ‘third term’ label concerns some with Clinton ties

Legal Troubles Bringing Out Presidential Side Of Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Sanders to Visit Early Presidential Primary State of South Carolina

Republican presidential candidates flock to Iowa’s Joni Ernst

Bernie Sanders says he has a ‘damn good platform’ to run for president in 2016

Campaigning in Iowa, Webb tries to sidestep questions about 2016

The 65 people who might run for president in 2016

Paul Ryan on Mitt Romney in 2016: ‘I’d drive his bus’

As 2016 Nears, Hillary Clinton Embraces Midwest Roots

Romney’s Political Stock Continues to Rise in Muddled GOP Field

The one big reason all of Hillary Clinton’s top challengers are unlikely to run

Rick Perry PAC video “Setting the Record Straight”  (YouTube)

Hillary Clinton to attend Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin’s annual steak fry, stirs up 2016 buzz

Christie dances in the Hamptons

Chris Christie is lone GOP presidential prospect to expand Medicaid

Paul Ryan: Hillary ‘Formidable But Beatable’ in 2016

Perry courts 2016 presidential primaries in spite of contested indictments

Howard Dean: I hope Hillary Clinton becomes president

Taking Account of Republican Presidential Contenders

Why Rick Perry’s indictment could be a political blessing in disguise

Hillary Clinton to Attend Fundraiser in Iowa

Rumored 2016 contender slams Obama: ‘If I became president … I might have time to take up golf’ (Huckabee)

Video: Perry Talks Indictment, Border, 2016

Texas Gov. Perry moving ahead with courtship of 2016 voters despite indictment

Cuomo denies Israel visit was part of plan for 2016 White House bid

Details of Clinton UNLV Contract

High fashion, expense for Hillary travel

Cruz: I’m ‘proud to stand with Rick Perry’

Perry Latest 2016 GOP Hopeful Facing Legal Trouble

Clinton-Castro 2016: Hillary Clinton said to be grooming Obama official Julian Castro for vice president

Hinting at 2016, Christie Wades Through a Boardwalk Protest to Slam State Workers Again

Everything You Need to Know* About Rick Perry’s Newest Scandal

OVERNIGHT CAMPAIGN: 2016 hopefuls weigh in on Ferguson

The 2016 Battle Heats Up Already. Mrs. Clinton just made a serious nomination challenge a lot more likely.

John Bolton Gets Busy in Florida as 2016 Beckons

Americans ready for big change in 2016, GOP Gov. Bobby Jindal says

Jeb Bush Reveals A 2016 Presidential Bid Is Still Possible

Chris Christie on 2016 presidential run: ‘I’m thinking about it’

Even with Hillary Clinton in the race, 2016 is basically a toss-up

The Obscure Kentucky Contests That Could Alter Rand Paul’s 2016 Plans

Every 2016 GOP Candidate Must Face the Benham Brother Primary

In Alaska, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul top Sarah Palin, who loses to Hillary Clinton

Corker ‘Not Ruling Out’ 2016 Presidential Run

With Burke’s win, the three biggest months of Scott Walker’s political career begin

Hillary Clinton calls President Obama to make peace following her foreign policy criticism

Christian conservatives look for candidate to rally around

Here’s How Rand Paul Describes Each Of His 2016 Opponents

Chris Christie Weight: With His Poll Numbers And Pounds Down, Is He Fit Enough For A 2016 Presidential Run?

Former presidential adviser David Axelrod slams Hillary Clinton for her sharp criticism of Obama’s foreign policy

Buchanan: Hillary would beat Romney in 2016; Must please progressive base while distancing from Obama

The Starting Gun Has Sounded in Iowa on 2016 Presidential Race

Marco Rubio 2016: Could Baldness Hurt Presidential Campaign?

Rick Perry may tweak his tax policy proposals before 2016 presidential cycle


Hillary Clinton criticises Barack Obama’s policy on Syria and Israel

Potential 2016 GOP Candidates Court Iowa

Paul faces tough road to 2016

Possible GOP presidential hopefuls headline Family Leadership Summit

Eying 2016 presidential run, Paul reaching out beyond GOP’s ‘traditional constituencies’

2016 jockeying under way in Iowa

Prime chance in Iowa for potential 2016 candidates

Rep. Ryan to RNC: Can’t ‘define ourselves on what we are against’

Ted Cruz & Rick Perry Stir 2016 Presidential Run Rumors At GOP Gathering

See How They Run: The 2016 Presidential Checklist

5 things to know about the state of play in the politics of the 2016 presidential race

2016 Presidential Race: Bobby Jindal Travels To Iowa Again

GOP Takes Control of 2016 Primary Debates

Rand Paul = Democrats’ Enemy #1

Eying possible 2016 presidential runs, Texans Perry, Cruz address same top conservative event

Ted Cruz’s Canny Strategy

Why Mike Huckabee is a serious 2016 GOP presidential candidate

For 2016 presidential bid, Texas governor has eyes on New Hampshire

7 Unmistakable Signs the 2016 Presidential Race Has Already Started

GOP Candidates Spend Millions on 2016 Groundwork

Why Iowa Is Hard to Skip for 2016 Hopefuls

A tale of two Rand Pauls

Former Obama Campaigner Plouffe Handicaps 2016 Field

7 GOP Candidates in Iowa in the next 11 days

Mitt Romney 2016? Presidential Candidate Remains Top Republican Pick

Clinton 2016 Decision Timeline and its Impact

Rand Paul, Still Mum, Lays 2016 Groundwork

Border Crisis and 2016 Campaign

For 2016, Take Martin O’Malley Seriously

Ryan’s new stance shows GOP shift

Carson Moves Closer to Run

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