Updated Weekly Odds: Jindal up to 15th, Gillibrand to 13th

This weeks odds show very little changes at the top with Hillary Clinton continuing to lead at 40.4% probability, with the closest Democrat, Elizabeth Warren coming in at 6th with 2.6%.

Jeb Bush continues to be the strongest in the Republican field at 6.5% with Marco Rubio (4.5%), Chris Chrisitie (3.9%), and Rand Paul (3.3%) rounding out the top 5.

Two minor changes in the top 20:

Kirsten Gillibrand swaps spots with her fellow NY Democrat Andrew Cuomo.  She is now 13th overall and 5th for the Democrats.

Bobby Jindal moves up to 15th place and 9th overall for the Republicans.  He is one of the most prepared among the candidates for the run.  The Washington Post even lists him as the 7th most likely candidate for the Republicans.

Here are the overall results

December 13 2014 pres odds

Link to the trend for the top 10 candidates
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