Trump continues to widen gap on Biden and Harris; Tucker Carlson see large improvement

Donald Trump’s odds improved once again to another new high, this time from 4.56X to 4.36X. This is his third week of improvement in a row.

Joe Biden’s odds continued their trend as well, dropping from 4.71X to 4.87X, his third drop in a row. These are his lowest odds since July. The gap between Biden and Trump is the largest of the cycle.

Kamala Harris continued dropping as well from 6.32X to 6.42X, her lowest odds of the 2024 elections.

Tucker Carlson saw the biggest increase in the top 20 improving from 44.0X to 39.4X. These are his highest odds since mid August. He remains in 10th place overall.

Here are the top 50 odds:

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