Both Trump and Biden see small improvements with Trump hitting a new high and Biden reaching a one month high; Harris continues to be one of the coldest names while DeSantis one of the hottest; Keep an eye on Buttigieg and Obama

Donald Trump continued to lead up slightly from 4.06X to 4.02X another new high. He’s been improving fairly consistently since September.

Joe Biden has been holding steady in 2nd place despite decreasing approval ratings. He saw a small lift from 5.38X to 5.32X. Those are his best odds in over a month.

Kamala Harris has continued to drop, this time from 7.16X to 7.69X. She has been the coldest name in the top group. This is yet another new low for her.

Headed in the opposite direction is Ron DeSantis. He improves from 10.3X to 9.6X, first time with better odds than 10 to 1.

Pete Buttigieg is a name that has been slowly improving in the background. He is up from 24.1X to 22.4X. He has worked his way up from 13th place in the summer to the current 7th place.

Another name that spiked up was Michelle Obama improving from 52.2X to 41.4X, her best odds since May. This latest improvement moves her from 15th place into 9th place. This is likely due to comments Joe Rogan made on hist podcast about the former First Lady winning if she ran against The Former President.

Here are the odds of the top 50:

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