This week I’m adding a probability for each candidate based on the relative odds of all candidates combined.

The top 3 candidates remain unchanged:
Clinton +165 / 40.8% probability
Bush and Rubio +1500 / 4.5% probability each

Improved Odds:
Rick Perry moves from 10th place to 7th place. (Odds from +5000 to +3000).  Probability  2.2%
Ted Cruz remains in 10th but improved odds from +5000 to +4000.  Probability 1.7%
Mitt Romney with biggest move this week from 29th to 12th (+8000 to +5000) probability 1.3%

Decreased Odds:
Christie and Ryan remain tied for 4th although both declined from +1800 to +2000 (probability 3.4%)
Joe Biden  declines from +2800 to +3500 (1.9%)
Michael Bloomberg declines from +6000 to +7000 (1.0%)

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