Odds for Harris and Biden steady; Trump’s odds at 8 week high as he headlines CPAC; Beto’s odds take off on Texas crisis

Very little change for both Harris and Biden this week. Harris continued to lead after a small drop from 4.60X to 4.61X. Harris has been at either 4.60X or 4.61X each of the last four weeks.

Biden saw a small increase from 5.57X to 5.55X. These are his second lowest odds, aside from last week, in the last 15 weeks.

Donald Trump’s odds improved for a 3rd straight week, this time from 8.63X to 7.90X. The former President is the headliner this week at CPAC. These are his best odds over the last 8 weeks.

The cold/electric grid challenges in Texas seem to have brought Beto ORourke’s odds to life for the first time for the 2024 cycle. The once top 5 2020 candidate’s odds jumped from 68.1X to 52.0X. This pushed him from 36th overall to 22nd place.

Here are the odds of the top 50:

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Biden drops to lowest odds since mid November, allowing Harris to expand lead; Trump sees Jump to Pre-Insurrection levels; DeSantis sees another big jump and vaults into top 10

Kamala Harris’ odds remained flat to last week at 4.60X while Joe Biden saw a moderate drop from 5.43X to 5.57X. That is Biden’s lowest since mid November and second lowest of the cycle. It also gives Harris her biggest lead over Biden since that same time period.

Donald Trump’s odds saw a jump in 3rd place after his acquittal in the impeachment trial last week from 9.18X to 8.63X. These are his highest since the week before the insurrection. His best odds were 7.11X back in mid December.

The biggest move on the week was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He’s being criticized by the Democrats for his handling of the Coronavirus, and many Republicans are coming to his defense and in so doing, increasing his profile for 2024. His odds Jumped from 42.2X to 28.2X and up from 14th place to 8th place. Just 4 weeks ago, he was in 27th place with 60.9X odds.

Here are the top 50:

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Harris and Biden both see small upward movement; Trump rebounds with likely acquittal; Rumors of Jeff Bezos possibly running lead to a top 10 debut

Very little movement at the top of the odds. Kamala Harris’ odds inched up from 4.61X to 4.60X, her highest in 13 weeks and second highest in the cycle.

Joe Biden’s odds also saw a small movement upward moving from 5.46X to 5.43X. That is his highest in 6 weeks.

Donald Trump saw a jump as it became clear he would likely be acquitted in his impeachment trial. His odds improved from 9.56X to 9.18X, his highest in 4 weeks.

We have our first big move among the non politicians: Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest person in the world who recently retired from being CEO of Amazon, is rumored to be considering a run in 2024. He made his debut this week at 21.0X which puts him in 6th place, behind only Harris, Biden, Trump, Haley, and Pence.

Here are the odds of the top 50:

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