Harris sees as small increases and gets close to her all time high; Haley sees a small drop on saying she will not run if Trump runs; Dwayne Johnson jumps on poll results

Kamala Harris’ odds saw a small improvement from 4.58X to 4.52X, her highest since mid November 2020 and her second highest ever.

Joe Biden also saw an improvement from 5.51X to 5.45X. For Biden that was his highest since the middle of December.

Donald Trump’s odds diverged as they dropped from 7.65X to 8.06X, his lowest in 8 weeks.

Nikki Haley, who stated she will not run if Trump does, saw a small drop from 14.2X to 14.5X. Her average for the entire cycle has been 14.1X.

The biggest move this week was Dwayne Johnson from 35.1X to 32.3X. There was a poll this week that showed 46% of Americans would support him for President. This is his highest in 8 weeks and allowed him to jump Tucker Carlson for 10th place overall.

Here are the top 5 candidates:

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Little Change at the top; Improvements for Haley and DeSantis

There was no movement at the top:

Kamala Harris remained first at 4.58X. She has been between 4.5X and 4.7X the last 11 weeks

Joe Biden remained at 5.51X, tied for his best over the last 8 weeks.

Donald Trump remained at 7.65X. He was at 7.99X 4 weeks ago and 7.55X 3 weeks ago

The big movement came in the next tier. Nikki Haley, who has been in 4th place the last 11 weeks, improved from 15.5X to 14.2X, her best in 7 weeks.

Ron DeSantis continued to be hot. He remained in 6th place but improved from 22.0X to 18.9X. The 18.9X is another high for DeSantis. He has more than doubled his odds in the last 9 weeks.

Here are the odds of the top 50:

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Harris is stable while Biden and Trump gain ground; Bezos sees a drop while DeSantis gains ground in the top 10

Kamala Harris’ odds held steady improving slightly from 4.56X to 4.55X. This is her second straight improvement and her best odds since mid November.

Joe Biden held his first press conference and at least from an odds perspective seems to have done well. His odds improved from 5.71X to 5.53X. These are his best odds in 6 weeks. He still trails Harris by more than 20%.

Donald Trump improved by more than either of Harris or Biden with a jump from 7.99X to 7.55X, his highest in 3 weeks.

Outside of the top three the major moves were with Jeff Bezos dropping from 19.0X to 20.3X, the same odds two weeks ago. He is currently in 6th place.

Ron DeSantis on the other hand resumed his movement up improving from 24.8X to 22.8X. This is an all time high for him and he remains in 7th place.

Here are the odds of the top 50 candidates:

Views – 24

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