Trump continues to widen gap on Biden and Harris; Tucker Carlson see large improvement

Donald Trump’s odds improved once again to another new high, this time from 4.56X to 4.36X. This is his third week of improvement in a row.

Joe Biden’s odds continued their trend as well, dropping from 4.71X to 4.87X, his third drop in a row. These are his lowest odds since July. The gap between Biden and Trump is the largest of the cycle.

Kamala Harris continued dropping as well from 6.32X to 6.42X, her lowest odds of the 2024 elections.

Tucker Carlson saw the biggest increase in the top 20 improving from 44.0X to 39.4X. These are his highest odds since mid August. He remains in 10th place overall.

Here are the top 50 odds:

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Donald Trump solidifies lead with buzz over starting his own network, Biden and Harris continue to drop

After catching Joe Biden last week, Donald Trump has now passed the current President. His odds rose rose from 4.66X to 4.56X, his highest of this cycle. The new this week was about a SPAC that will be merging with a digital platform that Trump will be creating.

Biden’s odds continued to drop along with his approval rating. This week from 4.66X to 4.71X. These are his lowest odds since July. He is still quite a bit away from his lowest of the cycle back at 5.74X shortly after the election.

At the time of Biden’s low in mid November, Kamala Harris was at her high at 4.50X. She has dropped dramatically since. This week from 6.11X to 6.32X, a new low for her.

The second tier has been very consistent with DeSantis, Haley, and Pence.

The third tier is very volatile with many people entering and exiting, driven largely by some oddsmakers adding them or taking them off the board. The big movements this week included Dwayne Johnson up from 40.4X to 34.4X, Sherrod Brown up from 93.2X to 56.4X, and last week’s star Greg Abbott tanking from 42.3X to 110.4X.

Here are the top 50 candidates:

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Trump Finally Catches Biden; Harris Continues to Drop; Abbott Takes Page out of DeSantis Playbook and Catapults Up Leaderboard

For the first time this election cycle, Donald Trump has caught Joe Biden. Donald Trump improves from 5.63X to 4.66X. Trump’s previous high was 5.59X at the start of September. The 4.66X is a tie with Joe Biden.

Joe Biden dropped from 4.54X to 4.66X, his lowest since the 3rd week of August.

Biden’s VP, Kamala Harris saw an even bigger drop from 5.55X to 6.11X, her lowest of the entire cycle. Keep in mind she was the leader early on in this cycle.

The biggest move was TX Governor Greg Abbott. He jumped from 130.3X to 42.3X. His previous high was in the middle of February at 71.7X. This catapulted him from 73rd place to 9th place. He is taking pages from DeSantis’ playbook in opposing any COVID limitations/requirements. It has worked for DeSantis who remains in 4th place overall at 12.4X.

Here are the top 50 candidates:

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