Biden continues to gain ground on Harris while Trump stays flat; AOC and Ivanka Trump see drops

Kamala Harris’ odds decrease slightly from 4.58X to 4.61X. She has dropped for four straight weeks and is at her lowest in 3 months.

Biden improved slightly from 5.51X to 5.48X, that is still below where he was two weeks ago. The gap vs Harris is at its lowest since mid February. Longer term, the gap is likely to continue to decrease as time goes on, as the window for Biden not running shrinks.

Donald Trump remained in 3rd place at 7.86X.

one of the biggest drops came from AOC who dropped from 30.4X to 32.5X. This is a new low for her but she remains in 9th place.

Another big drop came from Ivanka Trump as she dropped from 32.3X to 36.4X, a new low for her as well. This drop took her out of the top 10 to 11th place.

Here’s are the odds for the top 50:

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Harris and Biden see small drops while Trump sees a small improvement; Michelle Obama see largest improvement, moving her into the top 15

Both Kamala Harris and Joe Biden saw small drops this week. Harris from 4.57X to 4.58X, that is her lowest in 9 weeks. Biden from 5.47X to 5.51X, which puts him back where he was two weeks ago.

Donald Trump on the other hand had a small improvement from 7.95X to 7.86X. That is still well below where he was two weeks ago at 7.64X.

The three biggest movers were:

AOC, improving from 32.0X to 30.4X. She is in 9th place.

Ivanka Trump from 34.3X to 32.3X. She is right behind AOC in 10th place.

Michelle Obama from 49.1X to 41.8.X. That moved her up from 19th place to 14th place, her highest in 5 weeks.

Here are the top 50:

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Harris and Trump see drops to their lowest in two months, while Biden seen an improvement and reaches his highest in two months; DeSantis continues to be the hottest name in 4th place

Kamala Harris saw another small decrease in odds, from 4.54X to 4.57X, these are her lowest odds in 8 weeks.

Meanwhile President Biden saw a small improvement from 5.51X to 5.47X, his best odds in 7 weeks.

Former President Trump saw a decline from 7.64X to 7.95X. These are his lowest odds in 7 weeks.

The hot name continued to be Ron DeSantis as he improved from 14.0X to 13.5X, another new high. He’s been in 4th place the last 4 weeks now.

Here are the top 50 candidates:

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