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Trump Finally Catches Biden; Harris Continues to Drop; Abbott Takes Page out of DeSantis Playbook and Catapults Up Leaderboard

For the first time this election cycle, Donald Trump has caught Joe Biden. Donald Trump improves from 5.63X to 4.66X. Trump’s previous high was 5.59X at the start of September. The 4.66X is a tie with Joe Biden.

Joe Biden dropped from 4.54X to 4.66X, his lowest since the 3rd week of August.

Biden’s VP, Kamala Harris saw an even bigger drop from 5.55X to 6.11X, her lowest of the entire cycle. Keep in mind she was the leader early on in this cycle.

The biggest move was TX Governor Greg Abbott. He jumped from 130.3X to 42.3X. His previous high was in the middle of February at 71.7X. This catapulted him from 73rd place to 9th place. He is taking pages from DeSantis’ playbook in opposing any COVID limitations/requirements. It has worked for DeSantis who remains in 4th place overall at 12.4X.

Here are the top 50 candidates:

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Biden achieves a new high on a small improvement, while Harris and Trump see small drops; Tucker Carlson and Michelle Obama with largest upward movements

Very little change in the odds near the top this week:

Joe Biden improved from 4.57X to 4.54X, his a new all time high but only slightly higher than the 4.55X achieved 5 weeks ago.

Kamala Harris saw a small decline from 5.52X to 5.55X. That is a new low for her, but only slight worse than the 5.53X she saw 3 weeks ago.

Donald Trump also saw a small decline from 5.61X to 5.63X, his lowest in 4 weeks.

The biggest moves outside of the top group was improvement for Ted Cruz from 41.3X to 40.2X. That is his best in 6 weeks and good enough to move him from 10th to 9th overall, jumping over Tucker Carlson.

Michelle Obama had one of the larger improvements from 57.5X to 53.0X, her best in 5 weeks. This was enough to move her up from 17th place to 16th place, her highest position in 8 weeks.

Here are the top 50:

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Biden resumes downward trend while Trump improves on poll showing he would edge Biden, now within striking distances of Harris for 2nd

Biden’s odds resumed their recent downward trend dropping from 4.56X to 4.61X. That is still higher than where it was two weeks ago, at the peak of the Afghanistan evacuations.

Kamala Harris saw a very small improvement from 5.53X to 5.50X. That is still her second lowest odds, behind just last week’s low.

Donald Trump continued to see his odds improve. The rose from 5.97X to 5.59X, just below Harris. The 5.59X is another new high, his third in a row. He was at 7.63X just four weeks ago. This week saw a poll released showing Trump would edge Biden if the elections were held today (47% vs. 46%)

Here are the top 50, with DeSantis leading the next group, but he has less than half the odds of Trump:

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