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July 2014 Michigan Poll

2016 Presidential Poll released on 7/2 of 578 Michigan voters Clinton ahead of different Republican candidates:

Jeb Bush 47/37
Chris Christie 48/35
Ted Cruz 50/34
Mike Huckabee 48/36
Rand Paul 47/37
More interesting details including what college football teams they are a fan of in the  Release by Public Policy Polling!
In 2012 Obama beat Romney 54/45 in Michigan.

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Blog Kickoff

I’m starting this blog to track the odds of winning the 2016 Presidential Elections on a weekly basis.

I will display the odds and add in commentary about what may have driven the changes from the prior week.

Currently the A Democrat is more likely to be elected (-120) than a Republican (+120).  An independent is a 50 to 1 long-shot (+5000).  These odds have not changed since I started tracking them in the middle of May 2014.

The person with the most likely odds is Hilary Clinton (+165).

Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are tied for 2nd (+1500)

Chris Christie and Paul Ryan are tied for 4th (+1800)

The top possible Independent is Michael Bloomberg (+6000)

There are 51 candidates that are being tracked as far as the odds.

For the odds on all the candidates
For recent news on the race
For recent Polls

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