Updated Odds: Bush and Trump Announcements Lead to Big Gains. Sanders Continues Hot Streak.

Hillary Clinton continues to be steady at the top at 42%.  She has been between 41% and 42% since middle of April.

Jeb Bush officially enters the races and has the biggest move up from 10.8% to 11.3%.   This just gets him back to where he was 4 weeks ago as he’s been losing ground to Marco Rubio the last few weeks.

Bush’s improvement comes at the expense of Scott Walker and Rand Paul who each drop 0.2% to 4.2% and 2.3%.  They both remain in 4th and 5th place respectively.

Bernie Sanders continues his hot streak coming in at 1.6% and jumping over Joe Biden to 3rd place for the Democrats and 7th place overall.  He is within striking distance of Elizabeth Warren who has indicated she is not running.

The other big move this week was Donald Trump entering the race.  The announcement doubled his odds from 0.4% to 0.8% moving him from 50th place all the way up to 18th place. Surprisingly he is well ahead of veteran politicians who have declared including Santorum, Perry, Graham, Chafee, Pataki.   It remains to be seen if this betting odds hype translates into the polls and later to votes.

The numbers also seem to indicate which candidates are likely to be the first to drop out.  George Pataki has not gone higher than 43rd since entering the race close to a month ago.  Lincoln Chafee started in 27th place and has dropped down to 47th place two weeks later.

Here’s the full list of odds June 20 2015 pres odds

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