Weekly Odds: Clinton, Rubio, Walker, Huckabee Soar. Bush, Warren, Christie, Cuomo Tumble

Hillary Clinton was by far the biggest mover of the week increasing her odds from 39.4% to 41.1%.  It appears her strategy of avoiding the media and making Chipotle cameos is working.  This is the highest she has been since August.

Marco Rubio had the second largest gain following his announcement and media blitz.  He stays in 3rd overall but gains 0.5% to 4.7%, his highest probability since November. This is the smallest gap with Jeb Bush since beginning of February

Scott Walker is up 0.3% to 4.3% just behind Rubio.  He seems to be the candidate generating the most enthusiasm among Republicans.

Two top tier candidates tumbled in the odds but mainatined their place.  Elizabeth Warren decreased from 2.5% to 2.3%.  This is the lowest since July but she is still in 6th place. Chris Christie decreased from 2.2% to 1.8%.  This is the lowest he has been but he stays in 7th place overall.

Mike Huckabee up to 13th from 22nd just two weeks ago as he will make an announcement on whether he will run in May.

Andrew Cuomo was down to 15th, lowest since August and 7th among Democrats, as there has been zero buzz about the possibility of him running.

Other movements among top candidates:

Ted Cruz moves up to #9, the highest he’s been.

Kerry up to 14th, the highest he has been.

Jim Webb up 3 to 17th.

Bobby Jindal down to 18th. Was in 12th in Mid March

Here’s the full list of candidates:

April 18 2015 pres odds

Link to the trend for the top 10 candidates

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