Updated Weekly Odds: Small Dip for Clinton, Bush Plateaus, Walker Continues Rise

Hillary Clinton had a small dip moving from 39.3% to 38.8%. She still has higher odds than the next 14 candidates COMBINED.  So far she has weathered the email controversy fairly well.

Jeb Bush seems to have plateaued as he has been in the 11.4% to 11.6% range the last 5 weeks.  Prior to that he had risen steadily from below 5% in November to 10% at the start of February. Bush just made his New Hampshire debut.

The hottest candidate continues to be Scott Walker.  He moves up once again from 3.9% to 4.1%.  He has now improved for 8 straight weeks and is very close to topping the third place candidate Marco Rubio (4.4%).  He is even winning some endorsements that many thought would go to Bush.

For the Democrats, there are very few “top tier” candidates that are stepping up to take Clinton head on.  One of the few seems to be Martin O’malley.  He moved up from 15th place to 11th place as he took a jab at Clinton earlier in the week.

The lack of competition for Clinton has many calling for alternative candidates.  One of those “encouraged” to run in a slate magazine article is Deval Patrick.  He had a slight increase from 24th place to 22nd place.  He maintains he will not be running and peaked near the end of last year at 18th place.

Here is the odds on the entire field.

March 14 2015 pres odds

Link to the trend for the top 10 candidates
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