Updated Weekly Odds: Clinton, Gillibrand, Webb up. O’Malley, Christie, Romney down

In a surprise and a reversal of the recent trend, Hillary Clinton’s odds increased from 37.7% to 39.3%.  This changes the slow decline that started in  December where Clinton was at 40.5%.  This change in fortune is counter-intuitive with the “e-mail scandal” in the news this past week.  Perhaps it reminds people of the Clinton Presidency.

The Democratic jockying for the challenger to Clinton continued to heat up.  Two candidates that showed some big moves were Kirsten Gillibrand and Jim Webb.

Gillibrand moved up from 14th to 11th place, which is the highest she has been.  She has been steadily moving up since making her debut at 54th place in August.    She is in 5th place for the Democrats.

Webb is seen as a man with little to lose, posing a threat to Clinton.  He moves up from 22nd  place to 18th, and was as low as 48th in late January.  He is in 8th place for the Democrats.

One falling Democrat is Martin O’Malley. He drops from 11th overall to 15th  after failing to get any votes in a recent Iowa Poll.  This is the lowest he has been since I started tracking in May 2014.

On the Republican side, Chris Christie dropped from 5th to 6th swapping positions with Rand Paul.  Just a month ago, Christie was in 4th and held that position since August.  He has since been passed by both Paul and Scott Walker.

People betting on Romney seem to be finally coming to the realization that he will not change his mind.  He drops from 8th to 9th.  He was in 5th place just 6 weeks ago.

Here is the updated full list of odds:

March 7 2015 pres odds

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