Updated Weekly Odds: Bush Widens Lead over Rubio

There have been some major moves since the election a few weeks back.

Hillary Clinton continues to lead the odd by a wide margin with a probability of 39.3%, a full 3% ahead of her closest opponent. This is her highest probability since August.

Jeb Bush has passed Marco Rubio and had widened his lead.  His probability is now at 6.4% vs. Rubio’s 4.5%.

Two other big movers for the Republicans are Scott Walker who is now in 10th place (and now included in the graphical trend) at 1.6% and Rob Portman moving into 16th place at 1.2%.

One the Democratic side Elizabeth Warren continues to be the top threat to Clinton.  She is in 6th place overall at 2.6%. She is followed by Biden in 7th, Martin O’Malley in 11th, Andrew Cuomo in 13th and Kirsten Gillibrand in 14th.

Here’s the full odds

November29 2014 pres odds


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