September 2014 New Hampshire Poll: Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton Leading

A new CNN Poll shows Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton leading for the nomination for their respective parties.

On the Republican side, Rand Paul leads at 15% followed by Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan at 10% and Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee at 9%.

Below are the total results with how the candidates fared in a July poll by Marist in parenthesis

Paul 15% (14%)
Bush 10% (10%)
Ryan 10% (7%)
Christie 9% (13%)
Huckabee 9%
Perry 7% (5%)
Rubio 7% (7%)
Walker 7%  (6%)
Cruz 6% (9%)
Jindal 3% (4%)
Santorum 3% (3%)

In comparing the results, Paul is holding steady at the lead with Bush a solid #2.  Ryan seems to have made up the most space while Christie and Cruz have slipped the most.  Huckabee was not even an option on the last poll, and finishes tied for 4th.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton leads 60% over Elizabeth Warren at 11% and Joe Biden at 8%.   Sanders is a surprisingly strong 4th place at 7%.

Clinton 60%
Warren 11%
Biden 8%
Sanders 7%
Patrick 4%
Cuomo 1%
O’Malley 1%

The July poll only asked about Clinton and Biden, and in that one Clinton got 74% and Biden got 18%.  These two numbers are obviously inflated by only having two choices.

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