Biden continues to make up ground on Harris, with odds at their highest since start of January; Trump’s odds fairly flat, nearly half of Harris; DeSantis continues to be the hot name in 4th place, reaching an all time high

Kamala Harris dropped from 4.63X to 4.68X, exactly where she was two weeks ago. She has been between 4.5X and 4.7X since the end of January.

Joe Biden improved from 5.43X tp 5.34X. This was his fourth improvement in a row and his best odds since the first week of January. The gap between Biden and Harris is at its lowest since mid January.

Donald Trump’s odds showed very little change, improving from 7.87X to 7.85X, his best odds in 6 weeks.

The biggest move near the top was red hot Ron DeSantis who improved from 13.3X to 12.5X, another all time high for him. This is his 9th week in a row in 4th place overall.

Here are the top 50:

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Biden continued to improve; Trump’s odds stable; Donald Trump Jr. enters top 50

Kamala Harris’ odds rebounded a bit after 5 straight weeks of drops. The odds improved from 4.68X to 4.63X.

President Biden continued to improve, this week from 5.45X to 5.43X his best odds since the first week of the year.

Former President Trump’s odds remained flat at 7.87X. They have been 7.86X or 7.87X the last 4 weeks. He has been in the news of late with his first rally of the year last weekend in Ohio, his second coming this Saturday, and with the Trump Organization getting indicted for tax fraud.

Another Trump joined the list this week with Donald Trump Jr. at 76.2X which puts him in 39th place. His sister was already in the odds in 10th place at 36.9X (roughly twice his odds)

Here are the top 50 candidates:

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Biden continues to gain ground on Harris while Trump stayed steady; AOC and Buttigieg improve the most

Biden continued to gain ground on his VP this past week. Kamala Harris’ odds dropped from 4.61X to 4.68X. That is her lowest since in 6 months.

Biden saw a small improvement from 5.48X to 5.45X, his best odds since mid February. The 17% lead for Harris, is he smallest above Biden since the end of January.

Donald Trump started his rallies again. His odds saw very little movement, dropping from 7.86X to 7.87X. This is in line with his average for the cycle.

The biggest movers were two Democrats that are raising their profile. AOC improved from 32.5X to 29.5X, her highest in 5 weeks. She remained in 9th place.

Pete Buttigieg improved from 38.5X to 35.7X, his highest in 5 weeks. It was enough to bump him up from 13th place to 11th place.

Here are the top 50 candidates:

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