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Trump’s odds reach new highs as Articles of Impeachment pass the House; Democratic debate results in wins for Biden, Klobuchar, and Sanders and setbacks for Buttigieg and Warren

Trump’s Odds jumped to an all-time high this week with the House passing the Articles of Impeachment. This may be due to the fact that no unexpected revelations came out, and now Trump can look to having the process move to a “homecourt” game in the Senate. The odds rose from 2.00X to 1.86X. Previous high was 1.90X in August 2019. That was reached after Mueller made his testimony to Congress. Trump’s odds vs. the top 5 Democrats improved from 49.8% to 52.3% as their collective odds dropped from 1.99X to 2.04X.

Speaking of the Democrats, the day after the Articles of Impeachment were handed down, the Democrats, held their 6th debate with the smallest field so far of 7 candidates. Based on surveys before and after the debate, Joe Biden seemed to come away the winner. The odds seem to reflect this as he had the biggest improvement in odds from 6.7X to 6.2X, his best odds since June.

According to the same survey, Pete Buttigieg did the worst. Every debate seems to have the hot candidate in the cross-hairs of the rest of the field. This time Buttigieg took the incoming fire, and he managed to be the only one who’s net favorability fell, according to the survey. He also had the biggest drop in odds from 10.6X to 14.0X. This dropped him from 4th place to 5th place overall, as Warren, whose odds also slipped from 11.4X to 12.2X, managed to pass him by. These are the lowest odds Buttigieg has had in 7 weeks.

Some other interesting movements:

  • Amy Klobuchar had a good debate and her odds jumped from 58.3X to 55.3X, her best odds since May. This allowed her to jump into 10th place overall.
  • Elizabeth Warren’s odds decreased for the 10th straight week. They dropped this week from 11.4X to 12.2X. This is the lowest she’s been since June.
  • The improvement in Trump odds meant other Republicans saw a big drop. Mike Pence dropped from 44.5X to 54.5X, his highest since the end of September.
  • Nikki Haley was the other Republican to see a drop from 52.5X to 71.4X, which is her lowest since the same week as Pence.
  • Tulsi Gabbard, who did not qualify for the debate, saw her odds drop from 75.1X to 94.6X. She was the only Democrat not to vote for the impeachment. She voted “Present”.

Here is an odds scoreboard of how the odds changed due to the debate:

A trend of the top 5 candidates:

Odds of all candidates with a better than 200 to 1 shot:

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Pundit opinion of Warren and Biden debate performance differs from change in odds as Warren sees big drop and Biden jumps back into lead; Buttigieg’s momentum continues while Klobuchar sees biggest jump; Trump’s odds see small bump, first in nine weeks

Donald Trumps’ odds saw their first improvement in nine weeks, inching up from 2.29X to 2.28X. These odds are still slightly lower than two weeks ago at 2.27X and around 20% from the all time high of 1.90X achieved in August. His odds against the top 5 Democrats improved by a wider margin from 44.3% to 45.5%. The top 5 Democrats combined dropped from 1.82X to 1.90X as a result of a drop in Warren’s odds.

The fifth Democratic debate took place and there is a disagreement between what the pundits think and what the odds show when it comes to Warren and Biden. Many media outlets, like Vox , CNN, and NYT have Warren outperforming Biden. The odds on the other hand, show a sharp drop for Warren. Her odds decreased from 5.32X to 7.32X, over a 25% drop. This is her lowest since the middle of August. Although she had the biggest drop in this debate, Warren is still up the most since the beginning of the debates.

Joe Biden’s odds saw a small improvement, faring much better than what the media thought of him. His odds improved from 7.22X to 6.88X. This small increase along with Warren’s fall was enough to bump him back up to the favorite. These are his best odds since the middle of September.

There seems to be two big winners from the debate. Pete Buttigieg came out of the debate with his recent momentum intact. He improved from 10.3X to 8.9X, his second all time high in a row.

The biggest winner, at least from an improvement in odds perspective, was Amy Klobuchar. Her odds rose 50% from 94.6X to 62.8X. She jumped over Gabbard and Harris into 11th place overall.

Here are the big winner and losers from this debate as well as since the start of debate season:

Here are the odds of candidates with a better than 200 to 1 shot as well as a trend of the top candidates:

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Trump’s odds see little change; Warren’s odds losing momentum, as Biden, Sanders, and Buttigieg improve; Gabbard’s week in the headlines helps her odds

Another week of little change for Trump’s reelection odds, which given the impeachment inquiry headlines, is rather remarkable. The odds are currently at 2.25X, slightly below last week’s 2.24X. Taking a step back, these are his lowest odds since mid April, but much better than his cycle low of 3.46X in September 2017. The odds for the top 5 Democrats remained flat at 1.77X, meaning Trump’s odds against them dropped slightly from 44.2% to 44.1%.

The big move in odds that started a bit last week, and grew this week, seems to be a reversal of a long positive trend for Warren. Her odds had seen continuous improvement for 6 months, but have now been lower for two straight weeks. This week, the odds dropped from 3.37X to 3.82X, her lowest in 5 weeks. It seems much of the fire that Biden has been taking has now turned towards Warren given her front-runner status.

Speaking of Biden, a new poll released this week showed him well ahead of the field. It seems he is picking up voters as the secondary candidates decline. His odds improved from 8.20X to 7.28X, his highest in 5 weeks.

Bernie Sanders continued to improve as he touts AOC’s endorsement. His odds improved from 16.0X to 14.3X, his best in 4 weeks.

Big business seems to be warming up to Buttigieg. His odds jumped from 19.4X to 16.4X. These are his best odds in over 100 days.

Tulsi Gabbard has had an eventful week , including taking on Clinton, announcing she is not running for reelection for Congress, and going on Fox News to discuss her displeasure with closed door Democratic hearings. Her odds shot up from 88.7X to 58.9X, a 50% increase and her highest in 9 weeks. She is basically now tied with once Democratic favorite and now fallen star Kamala Harris who dropped from 46.5X to 57.7X. This is another all time low for Harris.

Here are the odds for candidates with better than a 200 to 1 shot as well as a trend of the leaders

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