Afghanistan causes drop in Biden’s odds; Trump’s odds see large jump to new 2024 high; Buttigieg a Biden alternative?

Joe Biden’s odds dropped for the first time in 10 weeks from 4.55X to 4.71X as scenes from the evacuation of Americans from Kabul played every day for over a week.

Kamala Harris’ odds saw a small improvement (less than Biden’s drop) from 5.40X to 5.30X. This is still below where she was two weeks ago.

Donald Trump was the big winner on the week. His odds improved from 7.63X to 6.87X, a new high for 2024. His previous new high was 7.11X mid December 2020.

The second biggest gainer on the week was Pete Buttigieg. His odds improved from 37.0X to 34.3X. These are his best odds since mid February. This was enough to have him improve from 10th place overall to 8th place, his highest of the cycle and where he was in February.

Here are the top 50:

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