Harris and Biden see small drops while Trump sees a small improvement; Michelle Obama see largest improvement, moving her into the top 15

Both Kamala Harris and Joe Biden saw small drops this week. Harris from 4.57X to 4.58X, that is her lowest in 9 weeks. Biden from 5.47X to 5.51X, which puts him back where he was two weeks ago.

Donald Trump on the other hand had a small improvement from 7.95X to 7.86X. That is still well below where he was two weeks ago at 7.64X.

The three biggest movers were:

AOC, improving from 32.0X to 30.4X. She is in 9th place.

Ivanka Trump from 34.3X to 32.3X. She is right behind AOC in 10th place.

Michelle Obama from 49.1X to 41.8.X. That moved her up from 19th place to 14th place, her highest in 5 weeks.

Here are the top 50:

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