Updated Weekly Odds: Sanders and Cruz at All Time Highs as Clinton and Trump Drift Down; Ryan and Biden Continue to Improve

Hillary Clinton continued to lead the race although she dropped for the second straight week coming in a still very healthy 60.9% compared to 62.3% last week and 63.2% two weeks prior.

Donald Trump continued to be the front runner for the Republicans but saw his numbers drop for a third straight week.  He came in at 14.1% down from last week’s 17.6% and 23.4% four weeks ago.

Both Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz reached new highs this week.

Sanders came in at 9.5%, up from 7.3% last week.  This is the highest he has been since mid February when he was at 7.7%.

Ted Cruz came in at 7.0% up from 5.1% last week.  This is the highest he has been since Christmas week when he was at 5.4%.

With Cruz gaining momentum, John Kasich has become the forgotten man.  He drops from 4.1% to 3.6%.  This is still the third highest he has been the entire race.

The more interesting movement is with the undeclared candidates who would need a contested primary or no candidate gets the 270 electoral votes in the elections.

Here Paul Ryan is now up to 2.3% from 1.7%  He has now been up for seven straight weeks from 0.2%.  Joe Biden is up from 1.4% to 2.0%.  He was not even in the odds at the end of January.  Mitt Romney is up from 0.5% to 0.6%.  He was actually ahead of Ryan just a month ago.

Here are the full odds:

April 9 2016 pres odds

Link to the trend for the top 10 candidates

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