Updated Weekly Odds: Clinton and Trump Increase Leads; Cruz Catches Sanders; Kasich Down; Rubio a Convention Possibility?

Hillary Clinton increased her commanding lead from 60.9% to 62.9%. She has been in the 60% to 63% range the last five weeks.

After a bad two weeks, Donald Trump rebounded a bit from 14.1% to 14.8%.  That is still well below the 23% he was at three weeks ago.

Bernie Sanders had the biggest drop, moving from 9.5% to 7.7%. That is still well above his trend from March.

Ted Cruz improved from 7% to 7.7% setting another new high and catching Sanders for third place.

John Kasich struggles for the second straight week dropping from 3.6% to 2.9%.  He peaked two weeks ago at 4.1%.

Paul Ryan announced that he will not be seeking the nomination at the convention nor will he accept it.  He also stated he believes if it becomes a contested convention, the candidate chosen should be a candidate that actually ran this year.  That shook the odds of the candidates currently not in the race.  Ryan dropped from 2.3% to 1.4%.  Mitt Romney dropped from 0.6% to 0.5%.  Marco Rubio, who was no longer in the odds, came back in at 0.5%.

Here are the full odds:

April 16 2016 pres odds

Link to the trend for the top 10 candidates

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