Updated Weekly Odds post Iowa: Rubio Rockets Past Trump; Cruz up; Biden and Romney Back in the Odds

A lot of movement post the Iowa Caucus.

On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton dropped by 1.2% to 57.8%. These are her lowest odds since October.

Oddly enough her closest competitors also dropped with Bernie Sanders dropping 0.6% to 6.7%.  That still leaves him in 4th place overall.  Martin O’Malley dropped out of the race and out of the odds.

On the Republican side, even though Marco Rubio finished third, he had the single biggest increase of any candidate for any week more than doubling his odds from 8.2% to 19.7%.  He jumps over Donald Trump with a firm hold on second place.

Donald Trump saw the biggest drop of anyone going from 16.3% to 6.9%.  This is the lowest he has been since the end of November. He is in third place just ahead of Bernie Sanders.

Ted Cruz wins the Caucus but only jumped 1.1% to 3.4%.  The win does end a streak of dropping the previous 5 weeks.

Jeb Bush had a disappointing caucus and dropped by 0.9% to 1.4%.  This is the lowest he has been in the race. He is in 6th place overall.

Last week’s speculation about Michael Bloomberg caused him to jump to 7th place.  He dropped 0.4% to 1.3%.

Two candidates that came back into the picture are Joe Biden and Mitt Romney.  Biden came back at 0.9% which was good enough for 8th place as some Democrats make another attempt at getting Biden to run.

Romney came in at 0.2% which was enough for 11th place. This could be a play at the possibility of no one winning the electoral college.  Romney would have a shot if it was up to Congress.

Here are the full odds:

February 6 2016 pres odds

Link to the trend for the top 10 candidates

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