Updated Odds: Clinton Continues Steady Rise; Cruz and Trump Continue Hot Streaks. Christie Showing Signs of Life

Hillary Clinton continue to improve her odds, increasing from 62.7% to 63.2%.  She has now been up for 10 straight weeks and has more than a 50% lead over the next competitor.

Marco Rubio continues to be in second place but had a small drop from 12.2% to 12.1%.   This was his first drop in 11 weeks.

Donald Trump came in third.  He is up for the 5th straight week from 7.0% to 7.1%. He is still off his high of 8.5 achieved middle of September.

Bernie Sanders continued to decline but stayed in 4th place.  He dropped from 3.4% to 3.2% and has now dropped the last 6 weeks.

Ted Cruz continues to be the hottest candidate as he was up 0.2% to 3.2%.  He has now been up for 11 straight weeks, the longest current streak of any candidate from just 0.8% in the middle of September.

Chris Christie saw a significant move up from 1.1% to 1.4%.  He had been somewhat stagnant at 1.1% for the last 4 weeks.  He was able to jump over Ben Carson into 7th place.

Ben Carson continues to drop moving to 8th place at 1.1% from last week’s 1.5%.  He has now dropped the last 5 weeks from a high of 2.5%.

Here is the rest of the field:

December 5 2015 pres odds

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