Updated Odds: Clinton Drops as Biden Continues Rise; Trump Gaining on Bush; Kasich and Paul Headed in Different Directions

Hillary Clinton has declined for the second straight week dropping from 46.2% to 44.3%.  That is the lowest she has been in 6 weeks.  Part of the drop can be attributed to Joe Biden’s recent surge.

Biden was the second biggest gainer this week increasing from 3.5% to 4.2%.  That was enough to allow him to hop over Bernie Sanders and Marco Rubio for 4th place overall. This is the 4th straight week of big moves for Biden as speculation about whether he will run continues.

Half of Biden’s gains came from Sanders who dropped 0.3% to 3.5%.  This was his first drop in over a month.

The biggest gainer of the week was once again Donald Trump.  His odds increased 1.9% to 6.5%.  He continues to be in 3rd place and is now at half the odds of Jeb Bush who is in 2nd at 13%.

Bush was up by 0.2% from 12.8%.  He is the biggest disconnect between betting odds and national polls.

The most consistent gainer among the secondary candidates continues to be John Kasich.  He was up another 0.2% to 1.9%.  Kasich has improved in each of the last 7 weeks and has doubled his odds over that period moving from 14th to 8th place over that time.

Rand Paul has been dropping the most consistently. He dropped another 0.2% to 1.1%.   Paul has either stayed flat or dropped the last 20 weeks and has fallen from 5th place to the current 9th place over that time.

Below are the full odds

August 29 2015 pres odds

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