Updated Weekly Odds: Clinton, Bush Increase Leads; Trump Jumps into Top 10; Webb, Christie, Jindal Drop

Hillary Clinton continued to increase her lead improving 0.1% to 43.6%, her highest percentage since August 2014.

Jeb Bush kept up also improving 0.1% to 12.5%, his highest percentage to date and 6.9% above Marco Rubio, his biggest lead since April.

Donald Trump continued his hot streak (Pre McCain comment) improving from 12th place to 9th place .  He was in 50th place a month ago prior to announcing and 18th just after announcing.

Jim Webb drops to 21st place from 17th place. This is the lowest he has been since February.  Webb has declined since announcing.

On the Republican side, Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal continued to drop.  Christie dropped to 11th place from 9th place.  His lowest standing to date. Aside from a one week bump he received when he made his announcement, Christie has been in decline for nearly a year.

Jindal dropped from 24th to 29th place.  He was in 14th place merely two months ago and as high as 9th place last year.

Here’s a fully list of all the candidates:

July 18 2015 pres odds

Link to the trend for the top 10 candidates

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