Updated Odds: Kasich’s Odds Soar as He Jumps into Top 10. Sanders Enters Race. Clinton Continues to Improve. Rubio Gaining on Bush.

The trend for the top candidates remained the same as last week:

Hillary Clinton’s odds improved once again now to 41.7% up 0.3% as it’s becoming less and less likely that she will face any real challenge for the nomination. This is the highest she has been since August.

Jeb Bush continues to be in second but is losing his lead.  He has declined for four straight weeks and is currently at 11.0%.

Bush’s loss is Rubio’s gain.  Rubio has improved the last 3 weeks and is now in 3rd at 5.4%.  He has closed the gap with Bush from 7.6% to 5.6%.

The biggest mover of the week was John Kasich, as he starts making noise about the possibility of running.  He improves from 0.8% last week to 1.3% this week.  Over the last two weeks he has improved from 34th place to 10th place.

Elizabeth Warren and Chris Christie continue their free fall in odds but maintain their positions in the top 10.  Elizabeth Warren has declined the last five weeks and is now at 2.1%.  She is still in 6th place.  Chris Christie has declined the last 13 weeks and is now at 1.7%, half of where he was earlier.  He is still in 7th place.

Mitt Romney continues to decline as people realize he will not change his mind.  He is now at 1.1% and falls out of the top 10 to 12th place for the first time.

Bernie Sanders becomes only the second Democrat to announce his candidacy and is now in 42nd place at 0.5%.

Here’s a full list of the odds:

May 2 2015 pres odds

Link to the trend for the top 10 candidates

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