Updated Weekly Odds: Stability at the Top, Cruz up on Rumored Announcement, Jindal Down on Fiscal Problems

There wasn’t a lot of change at the top this week as the #1-#9 candidates remained the same.  Hillary Clinton continues to lead at at 38.6%, down slightly from 38.8% the prior week.

Jeb Bush continues to be the top challenger at 11.4%.  He has been in second since November 2014.

Marco Rubio holds on to third at 4.4%.  He is trying to hold Scott Walker.  Walker had been the hottest candidate, but he may have plateaued at 4.1%.  This was the first week where he did not show an improvement in the last 9 weeks.

The biggest mover was Ted Cruz who is rumored to announce he is running on Monday.  He moves from 15th place up to 10th place but still only at 1.3%.

On the downside, Bobby Jindal moved from 12th to 15th as he attempts to overcome Louisiana’s fiscal challenge without raising taxes.

Here are the odds for the entire field

March 21 2015 pres odds

Link to the trend for the top 10 candidates
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