Updated Weekly Odds: Walker continues to climb, Clinton’s big lead diminishes; O’Malley, Patrick, Webb up

Hillary Clinton continues to have a big but shrinking lead.  She is now at 37.6%, the lowest since Sept ’14 but still more than three times her next closest competitor.  Jeb Bush is second at 11.6% up 0.1% from the prior week and 2% from 5 weeks ago.

The biggest mover continues to be Scott Walker who stays in 4th place but is up 0.5% to 3.6%.  He was at only 1.5% 5 weeks ago.

There is some movement for some of the potential Democratic candidates.

Martin O’Malley moved up to 11th from 12th passing Paul Ryan who continues to fall.  O’Malley is hosting an “issues summit” which can lead to his formal candidacy.

Daval Patrick continues to move up, this week reaching 15th.  Back in the summer he was in the 40s.

Jim Webb has also seen a recent surge, moving up to 22nd this week from 48th in January.  He claims he would run if he can raise enough money without “selling out”

Here is the full list of odds:

February 21 2015 pres odds

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