Updated Weekly Odds: Romney Continues Quiet Ascend; Hillary’s Lead Increases

Hillary Clinton’s odds continued to drift up with a probability of 40.5% vs. prior week’s 40.2%.  This is the highest she has been seen August.

On the Republican side Mitt Romney has been quietly moving up.  This week he bumps Joe Biden aside for 7th place.  That is the highest he has been.  Romney was as low as 17th place back in September when he insisted he is not running.

Overall, Jeb Bush continues to lead the Republicans at 6.5% with Marco Rubio and Chris Christie trailing at 4.5% and 4.0% respectively. and Paul (3.3%) and Mitt Romney (2.2%) round out the top 5 for the Republicans.

On the Democratic side, Tim Kaine (Senator from Virginia) has improved from 28th place in November to 22nd this week, although he remains a long shot: his probability is at a mere 1.0% and is 10th place as far as the Democrats.

The main Democratic Challengers for Hillary remain Elizabeth Warren (2.7%), Joe Biden (2.1%), Martin O’Malley (1.6%), Andrew Cuomo (1.5%), and Kirsten Gillibrand (1.4%).

Here’s the full odds

December 7 2014 pres odds


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