Updated Weekly Odds: Bush Odds Jump, O’Malley Back in Top 10,

Jeb Bush had the biggest jump in odds, moving from a 6.5% probability to 8.5% after the Facebook announcement that he would explore running in 2016.

He remains in second place far behind Hillary Clinton who is at 40.1% probability.  Bush has more than doubled his odds from early November, and now has more than twice the probability of the next candidate, Marco Rubio at 4.2%.

Rubio has been drifting down since peaking at 5.1% in October.   Rubio is making headlines this week in his fight with the 5th place candidate Rand Paul (3.1%) over the new diplomatic relations with Cuba.

On the Democratic side, Martin O’Malley has moved into 10th place overall jumping over Scott Walker who had seen a post election surge.  O’Malley has not announced his intentions but will wait until the spring like many other Democratic candidates waiting to see what happens with Hillary Clinton.

December20 2014 pres trend

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