Updated Odds – Steady at the Top. Romney and Perry slipping

Hillary Clinton continued to come back to the pack but is still the heavy favorite.  Her probability is now at 36.8%, down from a peak on 8/2 of 46.4%.  That is still well ahead of the #2 candidate Marco Rubio at 4.6%.

Two big moves down on the Republican side are Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.

Mitt Romney moves from as high as 9th place on 8/30 down to 17th place this week, perhaps due to his insistence in the past week that he will not run.  His probability is now down to 1.1%

Rick Perry has seen the biggest fall from grace dropping all the way down to 38th place after peaking at 4th place on 8/2 (before indictment and after he deployed the national guard for the border crisis).    Odds for Perry winning vary widely from as low as 33 to 1 as high as 150 to 1.

For the Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden continue to be the top competitors to Hillary Clinton coming in at 6th and 7th overall.

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